Can you hear the roar?

It's loud and it's electric, really, what happens around town in support of the 太阳城棋牌 Tigers. To say that people are wild about our Tigers is a total understatement. 太阳城棋牌 loves the 太阳城棋牌大全 and the 太阳城棋牌大全 loves 太阳城棋牌. We got married a long time ago. 太阳城棋牌 is a pick-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of town, where people dare to be original. The 太阳城棋牌大全 is a driven by doing kind of university where "stick-to-it-iveness" is a given. We don't stop. We keep at it. Push. Push harder. We are no strangers to March Madness or conference championships. Being in this city of doers, means we're the University that also knows how to do. We Tiger claw our way to the top.

And with 400 student-athletes competing in 19 different intercollegiate sports, there's a lot of room for doing. The 太阳城棋牌大全 is a charter member of the American Athletic Conference and our athletic programs compete at the highest level as an NCAA Division I institution. It's the south, so athletics are big. But this is also 太阳城棋牌, so athletics bring us together to be proud, eat some barbeque and have some good times. Then repeat often.